My Singaporean Football Experience with Kipsta

Last April 03, 2017, my colleagues and I travelled to Singapore from the Philippines to train with the new store opening of Decathlon located in Festival Mall, Alabang. I made sure I packed my football shoes because I know there’s a chance I can play there with some Filipinos because a friend of mine moved to Singapore who plays with the Philippine Football Club (PFC), the only credited Filipino football club in Singapore.

As soon as we arrived in Decathlon Bedok and saw the available products for Kipsta,  I got so excited for the products available in Singapore which will also be available in our store very soon! I still remember the feeling upon entering the football section…. It felt like a piece of heaven!  

Inside the ball cage in Decathlon Bedok

I immediately went inside the ball cage to try and kick some balls offered by Kipsta! The one I’m holding here is one of the match balls used in the 2nd French Division Football League in France. Soon, we will also have a playground wherein kids and adults can play and try out the products offered by Kipsta for sports like football, basketball, volleyball and rugby!

On my 2nd week in Singapore, my Filipino friend invited me to play with them! I always get mixed emotions whenever I get to play in another country. I am lucky to get to play football in France and China when I was studying there. I feel like it is a universal language wherein even if you don’t speak the same language, others who share the same passion sport have this certain understanding with the most popular sport in the world, football (Sorry, basketball fans! Yes! Football is the most popular sport in the world!). It was an awesome experience to get to play football in Singapore. I had to get used to their term of “futsal” wherein 5 players on 2 teams play inside a ball cage wearing football cleats or turf shoes with the ¼ size of the football goal played in a 11-aside game. But in international standards, futsal is played in a taraflex or rubberized court twice the lengthwise size of 2 basketball courts with 5 players on each team.

“Futsal” ball cage in Home United Football Club in Singapore.

It was nice to listen and talk to the other Filipinos based in Singapore about their insights about Decathlon and its opening in Manila. Some shared that they stopped buying other brands because how affordable and accessible Decathlon is not just in football and with other sports plus the wide selection offered. One Filipino shared, “Nako! Malalaman na ng mga pamangkin ko saan at magkano ko nabili mga drawstring bags nila. Akala nila mahahalin eh!” Others are also excited with the opening of the store because finally, the Filipinos get to experience Decathlon in the Philippines.

Football is a growing sport in the Philippines and with Decathlon opening soon, all your sporting needs will be more accessible to everyone. So hope to see you soon in Decathlon as I share my passion sport, football, once we are open and available. Cheers!