2017, let’s wrap up

The year had been eventful for us and hopefully, for you too. We couldn’t count the numbers of people who had smiles opn their faces before and after going to our store. Or how many people tried out new sports because of Decathlon. But there’s one thing we’re sure of: we’ve collected a heap of stories and adventures all throughout the year and they have been amazing.

We did start small.


But look at us now!


We may have had our lows

easybreath-small --- Expires on 02-10-2021 (1)

But we also reached the top of some adventures


And we may have scatted moments


But each time, we managed to get back on track


We also went through some roads less traveled

4. mohicap 1 

And made friends along the way


And went places that were not so near

7. to lake pandin

To make sure that we are where we’re needed. 


It was not easy. 


But we’ve served it well.


And none of these would have been possible without you! We cannot thank you enough for being  a part of Decathlon’s voyage to the Philippine and we’re sure that the next years will even be more adventurous and exciting. Together, let us make sports accessible for Every Juan!


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