How to: Choose the right cycling shorts

They are made from stretchable material, so they move with you on the bicycle and prevents rubbing. In each pair of cycling shorts you will find a pad that provides a bit of cushioning and a soft surface that sits against your skin.


You read it right, you don’t wear underwear with cycling shorts. It does take awhile to get used to but it is more comfortable and there are high chances of you getting a chaff while wearing them under your shorts.

It has to be pointed out that no combination of shorts and saddle will be comfortable if you don’t ride reasonably often. Your bum needs to get used to being on a saddle, and that takes a bit of riding time. If you’re planning to take part in, a long ride for about 3 hours or more, get in a few rides beforehand to give your bum a chance to get used to it.


Bibs vs regular cycling shorts

BTWIN cycling shorts come in two varieties; with and without the inbuilt supporting braces.

These are called bib shorts, they are relatively more comfortable than regular shorts because they don’t need an elasticated waist to hold them up. However, it is very challenging to go to the restroom while wearing one of these.



All cycling shorts have some sort of liner that goes against your skin. These can be a simple single layer of soft material, or they can be thickly padded or anything in between.

BTWIN have three types of padding in our shorts. The 100 pad which is recommended for a 1 hour bike ride. The 500 pad which is best for 1-2 hours bike ride. The 900 pad which is best for 2 hours or more bike ride since these pads have gel inserts. You may want to choose the padding based on your performance and the length of your ride. 

Lycra weight & stretch

There is a different weight and stretch of nylon/lycra blend used. There are shorts which are very thin and elastic, while there are ones which are thicker and feels more snug when you wear it. It’s still depending on the rider preference.

Have fun and feel the comfort in any of our awesome bicycle shorts. Just make sure to choose the right one for your sportive goals. See you on the road!


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