The Joy of Two Wheels

When was the last adventure you took, an activity which helped you enjoy the rush of doing something new each and every time? For me this was something I discovered on a road bike.


Road cycling is widely known in the Philippines as a sport for racing, but another purpose it contains is its versatility to be used for traveling and exploring new places around you. A road bike is a very functional bike which is light and fast, in three to four hours you can find yourself traveling around 80 kilometers or more. Imagine where you may just find yourself after cycling that far!


Being on a road bike also gives you the chance to meet new friends and share this adventure. I met countless number of people who some are now my closest friends. We have shared many good times as we cycle through different roads and discover new places we never would have, if it not for us being on two wheels.


Cycling has its uphills and downhills; pun intended. But, it always has that gratification of achieving something after every ride. How does some Bulalo soup sound after a grueling ride to Tagaytay? There are these simple joys you will never get tired of while cycling.

Start your own road bike journey today and find your happiness in two wheels!


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