The Perfect Playlist: A guide to using music as a motivator

Have a race coming up? A marathon perhaps? We always aim to motivate you to do and try sport, never quit, always encouraging you to be an active person. If you decided to start running or you are already an experienced runner, you should know that a good running playlist can mean a huge difference. Listening to some rocking beats can make your running more enjoyable and even boost your performance. On top of that it can solve the boredom problem we are all facing when running for longer distances. Isn’t that a win-win situation? Many studies have shown that listening to the proper music while running works wonders on both mind and body. It acts in a very motivational way which can actually improve your results.

BPMs Do Matter!

Listening to music can boost your running performance by 15 percent, but how to choose the right playlist for your runs? The best running music is between 120 and 140 BPM (beats per minute) and you can find millions of songs to keep you right near that rate. But note that this depends on your own tempo and your own stride length. If you actually count your steps in one minute you can find out your own BPM. Once you know your BPM, you can find the right tunes and create the ultimate playlist that can help you maintain a steady rhythm for your runs.


Fast Pace for Best Results

When looking through all kinds of tunes, we advise you to search for fast-paced music, it can be a great running companion. There are many apps for your device that offer running music, so you can download one and have it in your pocket while you run. You can also download the tracks and have them on your phone, ready to pump your sports headphones. A great choice for an app is Spotify. There, you can find some playlists in the 170-190 and 85-90 range, including rock and hip hop songs. Maybe these genres won’t suit and satisfy everyone’s exquisite taste, but there are hours of music within these playlists and you will be able to add songs of your own as well. With these songs, you can find a rhythm in which a single footfall strikes on each beat.


Tempo Trick

Another great option is to speed up the tempo of your favorite songs. This way you won’t be limited to songs that are already in your ideal zone. A concept that you can use when you already downloaded the tracks for your runs is getting them in order – put the slower ones first and the ones with high speed last. This building up can help motivate you to push through when you’re coming close to the finish. It is very important you choose a pumping playlist of the best-running songs to get your blood and feet moving to the beat. If you want to keep yourself going mile after mile in the gym or on the trail, thumping hip-hop beats, high-energy guitar jams, drum and bass, and many other high-paced tunes on your device’s playlist can provide you with better results.

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