Horse Riding For Beginners

What to wear


  1.  If you don’t have horse riding pants and boots, a set of comfortable jeans and sneakers will do. You can check out our affordable line of horse riding outfits here.
  2. The first step to a great ride is ensuring safety. It is advisable to wear a helmet and a back protector, regardless of the rider’s skill level. Accidents happen, and even the best horses trip and fall.  You can see and shop for our line of safety gears here.

Establishing rapport with the horse


  1. Some horses become anxious when approached in a straight line so it’s best to walk towards it in an arc. Never approach a horse from the rear.
  2. Extend the back of your hand for the horse to smell. This simple gesture fosters trust between you and the horse. By doing so, you are on your way to a bond that will last a lifetime.
  3. Pet the horse gently before mounting it.

Riding the horse


  1. To make the horse walk, make a clucking sound and gently squeeze its sides with your legs. To turn, gently direct its head towards the direction using the reins. To stop, lightly pull on the reins, lean slightly back, and push your feet further down the stirrups. Most riders like to say “Whoa” too.
  2. After mastering making the horse walk, you may try making it trot and canter, but always under the supervision of a riding instructor.

Some people learn how to ride very quickly, while others take longer to learn. Regardless of which side you’re on, the best way to learn is to enjoy the ride and let patience sit with you the whole time.

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