Horse Riding

The Benefits of Horse Riding

Hi, Every Juan!  It may be not a common sport but it doesn’t mean that it’s one to cross out your list of things to try. Consider the following benefits of horse riding and who knows? Maybe it’ll be your new hobby.

The Physical Benefits


Believe it or not, horse riding strengthens and tones the abdominal, back, and pelvic muscles. That means that you’re not only on your way to a good ride, you’re also en route to a six pack!


Grooming horses and doing stable work like lifting saddles and forking bales of hay is a great form of cardiovascular exercise and body toning.


The body movement while horse riding has a huge similarity to the human gait thus, it helps riders with physical disabilities improve in different aspects such as flexibility, balance, and muscle strength

The Psychological Benefits


Horses are known for their gentleness and ability to perceive human emotion. It’s been widely known that horse riding can help children with autism gain confidence and relax people with bipolar disorders.


On horseback, one connects with the animal and experiences peace of mind. Not only is it known to relieve stress, it’s also known to lower blood pressure and tone down symptoms of depression and anxiety.


The number of children and adults with various physical and psychological disabilities who turn to horse riding as a form of therapy has skyrocketed within the past years.

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