Watch out!

Keeping track of time while doing sports is not exactly as accessible as we think. You may have your phone in your pocket to check every so often, but it’s still different to get a glimpse of your time only at the convenience of your wrist. But looking for a watch with a combination of trustworthy quality and a price that won’t weigh a ton in your pocket, can be a challenge at times.

That’s why we’ve created the Geonaute W100 Timer Watch. With competitive features like water resistance up to 50 meters, a stopwatch that can run up to 99 hours, and a lot more, this watch is really to watch out for. And user experience is one of the strongest assets of this watch. With large digits on screen, we made sure that there is perfect visibility during sports.

After all, every second counts, and no second should ever be shed from looking at your watch.

Check out the infographic below to know more about the Geonaute W100:


  • PARAMETER MEASUREMENT – Stopwatch. Precision: 1 second up to 59 minutes then 1 minute up to 99hrs
  • WATERPROOF – Suitable for swimming (5ATM or 50 m). Buttons can be used underwater.
  • VISIBILITY – Large digits for perfect visibility during sports.
  • WATER RESISTANCE – Resistant to pool water (chlorine), seawater (salt) and sweat.
  • VERSATILITY – Use it as a stopwatch, calendar, or a normal watch.
  • DISTANCE – Adjustable size, designed for men’s wrists.
  • EASE OF USE – Easy setting with screen pictos and 2 buttons.

Can you guess the price of the Geonaute W100? Click here to share your answer with us!


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