Motivate Yourself To Walk More…

Walking is like running, but it is less intense. It is for all ages from young to elderly. Simply put, JUST WALK, APPRECIATE THE SURROUNDINGS and HAVE FUN!

Walking is one of the best ways to decrease health risks. It can prevent heart diseases like high blood pressure and hypertension. It can improve one’s mood, balance, and coordination. It can also improve our bones and muscles to become stronger. And lastly, it can help you maintain your weight.

In the average, a normal person makes more or less 3000 steps a day. To make walking more like running, you should at least make 10,000 steps a day.

Question is… how do you do that? Take it easy, here are some tips to make walking a fun habit:








Follow these tips and see yourself achieve the 10,000 steps per day in no time. Just be creative in your physical activity and have fun while WALKING!

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