The shoes: Strong 300 II

This is the second serving of Strong 300. Like the initial version, these basketball shoes are intended for casual players or those who want to try out the sport. The purpose may be the same but the design was overhauled and improved sans the extra lace. A plus, it was also created with a more lightweight material for a more comfort.

Love at first fit

You’ll fall in love with this once you try it on.

The collar is cushioned making sure your ankles sit comfortably while wearing the shoes. With a slim silhouette, I have to get a size bigger than my usual. Also, because of its slimness, it may not fit well on flat-footed people.


I was able to try it on both indoor cement and wooden basketball courts.

Floor resistance was excellent for both platforms and it embraces your feet perfectly, an advantage of slim and well fitted shoes.

My concern though is the cushioning. I have been dealing with heel pains every after game for quite some time now (Or maybe it’s nature’s call for me to see a doctor!!). But pairing it with a cushioned Artengo 900 socks lessened the discomfort.
That’s all for now. See you in the next edition. Remember, Kipstafaith!!

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