Getting back in the water

Every kid’s dream, at one point, was either manning that magical box that revealed your hard-earned toy money that went “ka-ching” every time someone bought groceries at the pretend supermarket he worked at, or it was being a person with a glamorous fishtail.


Other than the pool being a gym, or a coliseum for competitive swimmers, it’s also the forever happy place for frustrated busy bees that need a dose of Vitamin Sea.

With the familiar smell of chlorine wafting in the air and the smooth ripples of water in the barely disturbed pool, you can’t help but feel giddy when you realize that it’s just you in the pool. Perfect. Why, you ask? Not only can you swim laps without the fear of running head first into someone, but you can pretend you’re the little mermaid until all your fingers are wrinkled and pruned.


The water, whether you’re bobbing on the surface, swimming laps or just chilling at the bottom, can be very therapeutic. In it, you are light, but heavy; floating can be effortless, but staying afloat can be a struggle. Swimming at the surface can be fun, but the magic? It’s going underwater.

Diving underwater can bring on a whirlwind of emotions all at once, the urge to breathe, fighting the panic when the pressure make your ears hurt, and thee awe of being weightless underwater. However ,there is also a sense of calmness that happens when you take that deep breath and allow yourself to sink below the surface. Being under water never fails to remind you to “live now”; under water, it’s just you, with limited oxygen and constant adjustments. With sounds muffled and distorted, you have no other choice but to just appreciate the beauty of being underwater and the natural feeling of being engulfed by the water.


In a way, the water feels like home, especially to us Filipinos. With the country being an archipelago, it’s just natural for us to gravitate toward the water; we are the water babies of South East Asia. Our history and our future was and will be shaped by it, so might as well find a way, notably this summer, to pull out our inner mer-persona and just keep swimming. Don’t find the urge to take a plunge, return to our roots and enjoy one of the best ways to let off steam in this blistering summer heat.

It’s time to get back in the water, and confirm that it is definitely “hattah unda de watah”.

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