Our Innovations

At Decathlon, innovation is at the heart of our project.


This strategy has 2 main objectives:

1)  “Innovate smart” because, first and foremost, we want to make sport easier for people who use our products. We place the user at the heart of our approach and we focus on usage innovations. Listening to, and observing sports people in action, in our Research & Development centre, in our laboratories, is how our sales assistants, product managers, designers or engineers imagine the product of the future – the product that is more practical, comfortable, enjoyable and safe for the user.

The 2seconds tent is a perfect example. Quechua’s design teams revolutionised mountain sports forever by fulfilling the dream of every hiker with a fast, simple, intuitive, instantaneous pitching system. And this saga is still running after several years.

2) We also want to innovate for the benefit of everyone, in all product categories, not only at the most expensive or sophisticated end. Our aim, therefore, is that our innovations are accessible to a maximum number of customers and users worldwide because their prices are as low as possible.

Easybreath – Innovation Awards 2013

We share all this expertise during the Innovation Awards by Decathlon. Every year, this event is a unique opportunity for employees to experience the spirit of innovation that drives us all, to discover amazingly smart products that will soon be available in Decathlon stores and online.

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